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Wholesale and Retail Platform UAE

About EAT Thai Souq Dubai

Gateway for Thai products to the Middle East !!

Discover and shop Thai products with delivery to your doorstep in UAE.

EAT Thai Souq is a one-stop shopping destination offering a large selection of premium Thai products ranging from snacks & beverages to beauty products, spa products, lifestyle products, Thai herbs, and more !!

Order online delivery or visit us at Thai Souq shop located in Souk Al Marfa, Deira Islands, Dubai. 

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One-Stop Export Platform

About EatConnection

Helping Businesses Go Global !!

EatConnection exports Thai products to the World.

We partner with many leading global brands to bring you the best experiences.

EatConnection provides a full range of business solutions to meet the needs of both buyers and sellers. Our service aims to simplify the export and import processes in order to ensure smooth transactions between Thai businesses and international trade partners. 

Services in Thailand, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates.

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